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Support St. Louis and Illinois nonprofits on Give STL Day, an annual giving movement connecting donors and dollars to nonprofits and their funding needs. Give STL Day is an initiative that also gives nonprofits an opportunity to reach out to their donors and find new ones, all while reminding everyone of their mission.

Reset Missouri Joins SLT Day

Reset Missouri will provide transitional housing and case management services for up to one year for its residents. Reset Missouri offers assistance to men who are returning from prison with the additional burden of the sex offense registry. It offers its participants the support, skills, and guidance to navigate a new path towards crime-free, independent, self-sufficient lifestyles. Additionally, it assists participants in job training and placement, social, mental, and physical health care needs and basic resources such as obtaining a driver’s license and opening a bank account. We will also support the men with abiding by and navigating the many rules and restrictions of the registry which are sometimes difficult to understand and comply with absent proper support. Reset Missouri is a home designed to offer the support that the men need in a family-style environment. This is the only organization of its kind in the St. Louis Region to be set up in this sort of supportive, collaborative, living environment.

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Reset Missouri Annual Report

VIEW ANNUAL REPORT, 2020 Our mission is to provide men with a safe, nurturing environment as they return from incarceration to navigate

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